Toi Powell
New Jersey

Bio: My name is Toi Powell and I’m a writer, a dreamer and a free spirited thinker. My love for creativity knows no boundaries. From music to art, food to decor – it’s hard to limit myself to just one egg in one basket. Instead of seeing a random white egg, I think of the many ways I can use it – from a delicious omelette to creating a home-made moisturizing hair conditioner. The basket is no different. How many other things can it hold? It’s very easy to tell someone to find one thing you’re good at and stick to it. And this is true of you want to become the best at it. But, sometimes, trying multiple things helps you to narrow down what exactly makes your heart jump at the very thought of it. It helps to be open minded, creative, self- sufficient and well informed on these ideas do you're able to love your best life to the fullest. I needed a controlled environment where i’m able and encouraged to think, to create, to explore, to love and to grow without being judged. I needed a place to feel comfortable, at peace, safe and secure – a place that felt like home. Home is where I come up with my best ideas and where I try them out. At home, I can sing to the top of my lungs, write until the wee hours of the morning, research recipes and create a masterpiece in my very own kitchen. In special areas of my home, I am free to experiment with my hair and makeup and try home-made remedies and beauty products. My whole existence -it seems – has the unbelievably strongest desire to create and explore. My goal is to share it all with you and also encourage you to do the same. FIND JOY through creative outlets and if you're ready to take it to the next level, become an entrepreneur and love, laugh, love every step of the way. Come into my TOI House and be inspired to Take On Innovation. ~ Toi Powell

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